Here’s What Milind Soman Has To Say About His Addictions, Relationships, And Sexuality!

Actor and supermodel Milind Soman entered the entertainment industry back in 1995 with Alisha Chinai’s chart-buster song Made in India. Ever since he has never failed to charm us with his amazing looks and charming personality.

Over the years, Milind has gained immense popularity as a fitness enthusiast. 

The actor recently released his memoir titled Made in India. Co-written with author Roopa Pai, the book touches upon several topics including his addictions, therapy, and relationships. 

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Book Review – Roopa!! I finished reading Made in India last night. I was sad the memoir lasted only some 230 pages. I didn't want it to end at all. It is unputdownable from the start, with all that edge-of-the-seat drama running(😉) parallel in the two stories. Such an inspiring story, written so, so beautifully, so deliciously, in your inimitable style. It's so quintessentially and wonderfully Roopa-esque! 😍😘 Your language is as savoury as the person you are writing about but then, isn't it always! I don't know why Milind Soman thinks he was always lucky because clearly, he has worked very hard and consistently, always upping the ante for others and for himself. This past week, all I thought about when I wasn't reading Made in India was that I should get back to yoga, running and swimming and maybe do the triathlon one day and be an inspiration to my son, as Aai was to Soman. It's his greatness and humility to say everything fell in place serendipitiously for him but we do know that creating great fortunes for ourselves is often in our own hands. Sure, he was born with good looks and great genes but that he made that his asset and didn't squander it away or take it for granted, is rare. I'm going to read this book again. For it's compelling style, it's beautiful language and the awe-inspiring Demi-God. Congratulations to both of you, once again!♥❤💜 . . Thank you for the review @sindhu.hande 🙂

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Coming soon !!!! 😊😊😊

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Recently, The Indian Express conducted an e-mail interview with Soman. Here’s what he has to say about his sexuality, relationships and about how stress can be used to our advantage!

On being asked why he thinks stress is a good thing, Milind said, “Stress is good or bad depending on how we deal with it. Hunger is stress. When a person is hungry they could choose to eat something good for the body or choose to eat mindlessly, driven by taste buds. We are one of the physically weakest species on the planet. Yet today, we are an apex species. All of our greatest inventions and innovations in every field have come about as a response to some pain points. Stress is just a trigger or a stimulant. The response to that must lead to some positive learning or experience. If you don’t use stress to improve ourselves, it can destroy you. The better you understand your mind, body, and emotions, the better you are able to use stress to your advantage.”

Here is what he has to say about exploring his sexuality:

“Of course, I thought about it; about heterosexuality and homosexuality and everything in between. I might have experimented if I had been attracted to someone for that purpose, but I never did. I am not aware of the workings of love. Why you would fall in love with someone and not another. I fell in love many times but never with a man. I don’t know why I always preferred women.”

Milind was asked, “How did procrastination become your friend in dealing with addiction to cigarettes?”

To this he replied, “I had observed that the urge to smoke would develop as a wave, growing and subsiding every now and then. When the urge came I would put it off telling myself I would smoke but after some time. The urge would go away. In this way, I was able to reduce my consumption of cigarettes by almost 90 percent. We frown on procrastination, but I found that even that mental weakness can be used as a tool.”

Lastly, the actor was asked, “You talk about the innate quality of being almost intuitive. You meet someone and you know what ticks them. What was it that you felt when you first met your wife? What do you think possibly ticked her?”

“When I first met my wife, I thought she was mysterious. I couldn’t read her mind like I could with most people. Maybe I didn’t want to. There was something beautiful that I felt that I immediately wanted to surrender to, and knowing more would have somehow hindered that wonderful experience,” he said.

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