From Priyanka To Konkona, These Actresses Were Caught On Camera While Smoking

B-town is full of chain smokers. While some are often spotted with a cigarette between their fingers, others have managed to quit smoking for good. Actors Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Kapoor have often been seen puffing away in public places.

Here are 5 actresses who have been captured on camera while smoking.

1. Dimple Kapadia

Bollywood’s yesteryear beauty Dimple Kapadia has been a smoker for quite a few years. In this picture, she has been captured smoking as she sits beside Sunny Doel. Dimple does not mind being clicked on smoking.

2. Sumona Chakravarti

Actress Sumona Chakravarti, who received a lot of acclamation after starring in The Kapil Sharma Show used to be a chain smoker. However, it has been over 2 years since the actress decided to get rid of the habit. She also posted her experience on social media. She wrote “2 Years Ago! the week following a dear friend’s bday… I QUIT. Simply went cold turkey. No nicotine patch, no vape. Nothing. I haven’t touched since then. Was it difficult, hell yeah? But now my body rejects smoke. Can’t stand in a room where ppl are smoking anymore.”

3. Konkona Sen Sharma

Once a chain-smoker, Konkona quit smoking after she became pregnant with her son Haroon. The actress was quoted saying, “The pregnancy meant a complete change in lifestyle. I used to be a smoker, overnight I couldn’t smoke or drink at all.”

4. Mahira Khan

A picture of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor smoking on the streets of New York City did rounds last year. While speaking about the incident on BBC World News’ HARDTalk she said, “That was the first time in my entire career that I was caught up in a so-called controversy and it was strange because there were so many things in that. One, obviously you feel violated, you are in a personal downtime moment and someone has just photographed you.”

5. Priyanka Chopra

The actress was caught on camera while smoking a cigar while vacationing along with her hubby and her mum. She was in for some serious trolling as soon as the picture hit social media. People reminded her that she had ‘asthma since childhood’, which she had previously mentioned in her plea to urge people not to burst crackers on Diwali.

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