Friends Becoming Opponent In Nomination Task of Bigg Boss 13

While the previous week on Bigg Boss 13 had a lot of arguments, fights, and misunderstandings, Salman Khan did resolve most of them during the Weekend ka Vaar episode. Hence, Himanshi tries to clear out her misunderstandings with Siddharth but fails as he says that he can never trust her again.

Soon, the nominations begin and each contestant had to nominate two contestants by stabbing a khanjar (sharp knife) into their scarecrow. Himanshi, who is the reigning captain got special power and directly nominated one person. Shocking revelations are made as the task commences and shockingly, friends nominated each other. Siddharth nominating Shefali comes as a surprise while Rashami nominated Hindustani Bhau and Aarti nominated Vishal.

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