Famous B-Town Stars and Their Not-So-Popular Siblings

Making it big in the film industry is not easy. Thousands of people try their luck but only a few fortunate ones make the cut! In fact, Bollywood is full of examples where one sibling enjoys a lot of fame and success while the other fails to establish a successful career.

Here are a few famous B-town celebs and their not so famous brothers!

1. Ajay Devgn and Anil Devgn

While Ajay Devgn enjoys his fair share of fame, not many people know about Anil Devgn. The latter is a film director and has directed movies like Raju Chacha, Hal-e-Dil and Blackmail. Unfortunately, these did not do well at the silver screen and so he stopped working as a director.

Ajay’s net worth is around $ 30 million while Anil’s worth is around $ 1 million.

2. Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor

The evergreen Anil Kapoor needs no introduction. The actor has enjoyed over 3 decades of success in the film industry. However, his brother Sanjay Kapoor failed to achieve the same level of success as him.

 While Anil Kapoor is worth around $ 12 million, Sanjay’s net worth is only around $ 5 million.

3. Anupam Kher and Raju Kher

Anupam Kher is among the most successful actors in the film industry and has worked in over 500 films so far. His younger brother, Raju Kher has also worked in several movies. However, Raju was unable to make it big in B-town. Anupam’s net worth is about $70 million whereas the younger Kher’s network is about $ 5 million.

4. Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

Salman’s success knows no bounds. The B-town superstar has 2 younger brothers- Arbaaz Khan and Suhail Khan. Arbaaz has achieved a fair amount of success as a director and producer. However, Suhail failed to make the cut in acting as well as direction. One of the richest celebs in the country, Salman is worth $ 310 million. On the other hand, Sohail’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 million.

5. Amir Khan and Faizal Khan

If you have watched the film Mela (2000), then you must be aware of who Faizal Khan is. However, the movie failed to leave a mark. Amir is immensely successful while Faizal failed to build a career as an actor. According to reports. Amir’s assets are worth around $ 180 million while that of Faizal is around $ 3 million.

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