Devoleena in LOVE with Siddharth or Is It Her New Game Plan – Find It Out…

Bigg Boss is known for turns and twists in every single episode. This time, it’s been way too sugar-coated even to digest. Devoleena, who along with Rashmi was the biggest competition to Siddharth Shukla and was even seen crying out loud just a couple of episodes back because of Shukla, has suddenly taken a U-turn.

She has become way too friendly with Shukla. Both were smiling for more than 15 mins while looking at each other. Then, after a task, Devoleena washed Sid’s hands (while rubbing out hard). Everyone in the house was teasing them and both of them were blushing. Chemistry between them was at the next level.

Now, in Sunday’s ‘Weekend ka Vaar’, Salman asked a question to Devoleena if she finds Siddharth smart and handsome. She blushed and said YES. She also hugged Shukla while sitting in his lap. Everyone including Salman Khan will be seen hooting and shouting at this beautiful and romantic act of Devoleena.

But the question is is it really true or just a game plan of Devoleena to get some attention. Siddharth has been leading the house since day 1 and getting associated with him will surely get some fame and attention for Devo. Let’s keep watching to find this out.

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