Bigg Boss 13: Look What Salman Has To Say On Been Accused Of Favoring Siddharth Shukla

There are a number of reasons why Bigg Boss is one of the best reality shows in India. Other than the drama, fight, and romance that takes place inside the BB house, people also watch the show because of its host, Salman Khan. Bigg Boss season 13 has been hailed as the most successful season so far and is now about to end soon (after more than 4 months!).

This season featured a lot of fighting and arguments. Salman Khan who tries to intervene and resolve issues on Weekend ka Vaar had a lot of trouble dealing with the contestants this time. In some instances, Salman was also accused of being biased and favoring some contestants over the others.

This season, Salman Khan, as well as the makers of the show, were called out for being biased towards Siddharth Shukla.

According to fans, the superstar does not take action against Siddharth even when he does something wrong. Moreover, he asked Sid to stay away from Shehnaz as she was developing feelings for him.

In a recent episode, Salman welcomed a very special guest on the show. Renowned journalist Rajat Sharma conducted an ‘Aap ki Adalat’ session where he asked Salman a number of questions. He inquired why Salman tries to protect and favor Siddharth.

Salman replied, “No, I was trying to be protective of Shenaaz. I felt that Shehnaaz is quite a young girl and Sidharth is a matured man. I thought that she may be misled. The way she was hitting herself, I thought that she mustn’t harm herself when she comes out of the house. That’s why I had warned Siddharth to be careful since life outside can be a little stressful. But, then I came to know that she is 25 years of age and is pretty sorted and is only trying to play her game, then I was very happy.”

Seems like Salman has a fitting reply for all the accusations that are being thrown his way. What do you think?

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