Bigg Boss 13: Here’s Why Sidharth Shukla Got Into An Argument With Arjun Kapoor!

Sidharth Shukla was probably one of the strongest contestants to have ever participated in the hit reality show Bigg Boss. The television star, who has been a part of shows like Balika Vadhu, Uttaran and Dil Se Dil Tak, enjoys a large fan following.

Although Sidharth enjoyed much more popularity as compared to the rest of the BB 13 contestants, a lot has been said about his aggressive behaviour. 

It seems that Bigg Boss 13 was not the first time that the viewers witnessed Sidharth’s anger issues.

The tele actor was a participant in the 7th season of Khatron Ke Khiladi, which was hosted by actor Arjun Kapoor. In fact, he was the winner that season.

Take a look at this clip:

In a video clip that was doing rounds before the season finale of Bigg Boss 13, Sidharth and Arjun can be seen having a heated argument.

The argument started when Arjun requested Sidharth to remain standing for close-up shots and Sidharth insisted on sitting down because his legs were hurting. Arjun then criticizes Sid for refusing to stand up even when all the other participants were doing so. The fight escalated and the other participants had to intervene.

The high-voltage drama came to an end when Arjun revealed that it was a prank!

Sidharth won the controversial season 13 of Bigg Boss despite being called out for his aggressive behavior on multiple occasions.

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