Bigg Boss 13: Asim, Paras And Mahira Bear The Consequences Of Bigg Boss’s Anger

Expecting the contestants of Bigg Boss 13 to come to a common consensus is perhaps too much to ask for. The contestants barely get along and fail to agree with each other regarding anything and everything.

The last episode was all about love and war. We saw the jodis, i.e. Shehnaz and Siddharth, Madhurima and Vishal and Mahira and Paras spend quality time with each other with bouts of fights and arguments in between. Watching Siddharth flirt with Madhurima was an interesting twist.

As the viewers know, BB house is without a captain this week. A task was announced in order to select a new captain. Interestingly, Whether a contestant becomes the captain or not depended on another contestant. Every contestant had a picture of another participant. Now if they wanted that contestant (the one who’s the picture they were given) to be out of the race, they had to discard his/her photo in a pit of fire.

Finally, things came down to Asim who was vouching for Rashami to be the captain, Paras who had Asim’s fate in his hand and Mahira who held the power to make Paras the captain. Each of these contestants stood their stance and refused to discard the photo they had. Paras said he wanted Asim to be in the final 2 while Asim was determined that Rashami deserves the captaincy. Alas, the task got canceled due to a lack of consensus among the contestants. However, as this has become a pattern in the house, Bigg Boss was not willing to let things go so easily. He ended up punishing Mahira, Paras, and Asim-contestant responsible for the cancellation of the task. The three will now have to do all the household chores without any help from other contestants. 

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