Behind The Glitz And Glamour: The Darker Side Of Award Shows

Those who love Bollywood know how amazing award shows are. A yearly ritual, award functions are 3 to 4 hours of complete entertainment!

But did you know that there is a dark side to all this glitz and glamour? We bring you some inside scoop, revealing the not-so-glamorous side of Bollywood award functions.

Fake cheering

The shouting and cheering you hear while watching an award show on your TV may not always be genuine. Not only is it impossible for actors to cheer for so long, but most of them also tend to leave before the show is over. The non-stop noises and shouting you hear are (largely) a part of the editing.

Performances will get you the award

Revealing a big award show secret, Akshay Kumar once said, “Many a time, award show organizers, often in exchange for giving an award, to me, ask me to reduce my performance fees. But I tell them that you Keep your award and give me my complete performance fee.” 

Awards are for sale

It is believed that a number of actors purchase the award. In an interview, actor Rishi Kapoor revealed that he bribed the organizers to give him the award for the best debut actor after the release of his film Bobby.


Rumor has it that a few years ago, a reclaimed actress was nominated for the critic’s choice best actress award after giving a gave an exceptional performance in a biopic. However, the actress refused to enter the venue and demanded she would step in only if she is going to win the award. It is not clear who this actress was.

Actors also have strong opinions about the category of award they are called to give away. For example, Rekha only likes to announce the best actress/actor award.

Owing to all these factors, there are a number of celebs who choose not to be a part of award functions.

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