5 Most Twitching Fights Of Bollywood Till Date

The glamorous world of Bollywood is quite different in its ways. They have vast differences in reel and real life. Even though these celebs live a lavish lifestyle, at some point or the other they have revealed their inhuman behavioral traits and have engaged in cold wars with one another.

Only a few of the relationships in Bollywood have survived over time. Other relationships switched into a deep quarrel and have somewhat ended with time.

Let’s have a quick look at some of these renowned Bollywood personalities who at some point or the other in their lifetime engaged in a cold war with the peer one and even today avoid each other in public.

  1. Salman Khan & Vivek Oberoi

The cold war between Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi is one of the strongest fights ever seen in Bollywood. The whole conflict aroused due to Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya Rai started dating Vivek Oberoi post her breakup with Salman Khan. When Salman came to know about it, he was full of rage and started threatening Vivek by blackmailing him. Vivek later revealed about Salman Khan’s threatening towards him in front of a press conference. 

Vivek later confessed to Salman Khan to end the cold war but Salman refused. Even today, both actors do not make eye contact with each other.

2. Aamir Khan & Sunny Deol

Aamir Khan’s superhit movie “Lagaan” and Sunny Deol’s blockbuster movie “Gadar”, both were released on the same day i.e 15th June 2001. This was the biggest reason for the dispute between these two B-town celebs. 

As the box office collections got hampered, Sunny Deol wanted Aamir Khan to postpone his movie release. But Aamir refused, this had put a halt in their friendship. Even today, the resentment between the two has not ended and the grudge between them is still prevailing.

3. Bipasha Basu & Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bipasha Basu & Kareena Kapoor were the two leading ladies in the film called “Ajnabee” which got released in 2001. While the shooting of the film was going on, the catfight aroused between these two divas over their costumes. Apparently, Bebo got out of control when her designer designed Bipasha apparel without her consent.

The tug of war aroused between the two and infuriated Kareena called Bipasha a “Kaali Billi” and even slapped her.

4. Saman Khan & Arijit Singh

In 2014, Salman Khan hosted an award show, in which Arijit Singh won the award for the best playback singer. When Arijit Singh went on stage to receive the award, Salman laughingly said “so gaye the kya”? Arijit in return replied “Sir sula diya aapne”. However, things didn’t stop here as well. Next, when Arijit was humming to the tunes of “Tum Hi Ho” song, then enraged Salman at once said “Aur isme humara koi dosh nahi hai, agar aise gaane bajte rahenge…”

Apparently, this didn’t go smoothly after that as well. When Salman Khan’s film “Sultan” was released, Arijit Singh sang a very popular version of the song “Jag Ghoomeya”. But, exasperated Salman Khan decided to drop his version of the song from the film. However, Arijit Singh requested a lot from him not to remove his song from the film. Depressed by all this, he even took to social media Facebook to express his grief.

5. Kareena Kapoor & Bobby Deol

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were seen in full swing in the romantic comedy movie “Jab We Met”. The pair expressed brilliant & sizzling chemistry in the film which was even adored by the people.

However, there was a proposal to take Bobby Deol in the film as a co-star for Kareena Kapoor. But Bebo preferred Shahid and insisted Imtiaz Ali to keep her boyfriend Shahid in the film. Bobby found this behavior of Kareena too insulting and unprofessional. And, since then the cold war between the two has continued to date.

These are some of the threatening fights which the Bollywood celebs have gone into and is even continued to date. 

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