5 Bollywood Movies That Are Known For Their Steamy Sex Scenes

We love Bollywood flicks for a number of reasons. The singing and dancing, the ‘one-man army’ hero, the ‘all-bad’ villain, the gorgeous heroine, Bollywood films offer all this and much more. However, one thing that we all can agree upon is the fact that our movies don’t have enough steamy sex scenes!

It is true that Bollywood has come a long way from when a kissing scene was depicted by two flowers. But even today hot and steamy scenes are often cut once the film is left at the mercy of the censor board.

A number of filmmakers today are making efforts to touch upon taboo topics like sex in their movies and we must say they are doing a great job!

Here are 5 Bollywood movies that are known for their hot and steamy sex scenes:

1. Parched

The movie remained in the headlines for its bold scenes, particularly the one where the leading actors passionately make love inside a cave!

2. Befikre

A butt naked Ranveer Singh, 23 kisses and multiple hot lovemaking scenes make this film the perfect choice when you are in the mood for something ‘naughty’ and entertaining.

3. One Night Stand

A movie about a one-off sexual encounter is incomplete without some very bold scenes. Gorgeous and sexy Sunny Leone was the perfect choice for this role. This scene from the movie remained the talk of the town for quite some time.

4. Fever

Although the movie failed to leave a mark at the box office, its bold scenes surely grabbed a lot of attention.

5. Wajah Tum Ho

The sex scenes from the movie Wajah Tum Ho were so over the top that they seemed rather vulgar than sensual. Sana Khan, the leading actress of the movie shocked everyone with her bold new avatar.

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