4 Shocking Fights That Took Place During Award Shows

Bollywood award shows are packed with fun, entertainment and (of course) controversies. Here are 4 unexpectedly shocking incidents that happened during award functions.

1. Salman Khan and Mithoon

Mithoon and Salman had a rather weird conversation when the former came on stage to receive his award for the best lyricist at an award function. One could hardly tell whether Salman was angry, upset or just pulling Mithoon’s leg.

Watch it here:

2. Shahrukh Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh

While hosting the Filmfare awards, Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan poked fun at Neil Nitin Mukesh’s unusually long name. Apparently, he got offended and also used the word ‘shut up’ for the show hosts.

On being asked about his surname, Neil said “Actually, that is an insult for me. I think you haven’t seen my father sitting out here. I think it’s ridiculous on both of you all to ask a question like this and always make this up on a Filmfare podium. I am sorry everyone but I personally find this as an insult. I think you guys need to shut up. I am sorry.”

Check it out:

3. KRK and the Balti Awards

Self-proclaimed celebrity Kamaal R Khan got offended on receiving the Golden Baalti Award and threw it back at comedians and hosts Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon. KRK went ahead and called then ‘2 rupees jokers.’

Watch it here:

4. Sajid Khan and Ashutosh Gowariker

Sajid Khan loves to poke fun at others and show off his wit. However, not everyone can be expected to take it sportingly. Sajid offended director Ashutosh Gowariker during an award show. Apparently. Ashutosh did not like the way the “ film industry is made fun of at such award nights” and he felt “it ridicules the award itself.” The banter that followed between Sajid and Ashutosh shocked everyone.

Watch it here:

So, which of these incident shock you the most? Let us know!

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